Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thank God It's Thursday Part 1

Its 5:14 a.m. Saturday THANK YOU GOD! I had another full night of sleep and woke up feeling refreshed. As I said yesterday…I would like to share with you the breakthrough that I received on Thursday… but first let me tell you about the significance that Thursday’s have for me…

I discovered in the spring of 1997 that whenever I was going through something, needed a prayer answered or to make a decision…my breakthrough most always came on a Thursday…but this would only happen if I was open and patient enough to wait and listen for the answer…You know the interesting part about this was… that I had no idea that this had been happening… Let me give you a little history…

I was 38 years old, the legal guardian/single parent of seven children (4 girls, 2 boys & 1 grandson) and on welfare. God blessed me with a wonderful, caring, and compassionate neighbor Gloria Long-Groves. Gloria lived across the street from me and she was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. She is a Sistahs Sistah…Gloria started a healing group for Black women, which I became a member of…We met at Gloria’s house on Wednesday evenings and as part of the group my task was to set and close the atmosphere of the room before and after each meeting…I did this with meditation, incense and essential oils (lavender was my favorite). Just a side note: Lavender helps to purify the body and spirit…

The room was purple and white…it was a room of peace…it was a room where Sistahs could share their good…their bad…and their ugly…But most of all for me…it was a room full of LOVE…with Gloria at the center leading us to understand as women… who we were…where we have been and who we could become… if we would just trust in the knowing…

The knowing…as I understand it… is “Doing what God the Holy Spirit wants you to do, when he wants you to do it”.

Soon after I started going to the meetings…I would have one crisis after another or be at my wit’s end about something…and during those times I would run across the street to see Gloria…and we would talk and pray or I would go to the purple room and just get still…It was during one of those times that I began to recognize (1) that I was having a breakthrough and (2) that it almost always occurred on a Thursday.

From that point on Gloria and I begin to call them “Breakthrough Thursdays”.

Gloria wherever you are...THANK YOU!!! My Sistah.

I will finish the rest of the story tomorrow...Until then

Be Blessed & hold on...your BREAKTHROUGH IS COMING!!!


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